a better you for a better world

MyEarthandMe is an Environmental and LifeStyle service with the aim of creating awareness on environmentally and socially related issues, facts and eco-friendly lifestyle, offering innovative ideas guidance spanning across beauty, food, fashion travel, health, fitness. We hope to achieve a win-win situation through the building block of these vital sectors as well inculcate self-developmental habits that can yield eco and socio-friendly results especially for our mother earth who is at the brink of breaking her resilient chords.

—A better you for a better world

The Dire Need for Awareness.

Under-Developed and Developing countries are more susceptible to the consequences of climate change and other global environmental issues because of unawareness about global trends as well as unavailability of updated technology.

Study Nature, Love Nature.

People including children and elders achieve great sense of happiness and creativity when they connect with mother nature. This same positive effect is what inspires innovators and policy makers to adjust technologies to suit the environment better. When we are conversant with the dynamics of nature, our attitude and perspective will change for the better, knowing that what we have given out is what we are going to receive even in more folds. 

Join My Earth and Me on a discovery on how to serve the earth better.

Study Nature, Love Nature and definitely, Nature will love you back.

Technological Innovation.

With exposure, comes discovery and with discovery comes actualization. Innovations are taking a new turn. Drones, green-architecture, eco-vehicles and machines that run on sustainable power. My Earth  and me can help you find out the recent trends of technology and offer help for alternatives vital for your business and  industrial needs.

Climate Action.

What should you be doing to save the world?

Still using old technologies? Sticking to Outdated Processes? Taking action and responsibility is as basic as what you eat and how you pack your bags? Here in my earth and me, we provide you with relevant climate action contents in areas of lifestyle, travel, fashion, technology and engage you with activities that can help both the collapsing social and physical environment…….. 

You can be better, you can be you, and we can all live happily ever after. Only if you take action.

“With Great Responsibility Comes Great Power”

Mark Manson.

We kept overlooking changes, policies, our lifestyle. And a lot of things have continued to fall apart because of this. Stepping down from our ivory towers to taking RESPONSIBILITY will only offer us GREAT POWER of freedom, of restored coral reefs, normalized oxygen levels in the oceans, RESTORED Biodiversity in the oceans.