a better you for a better world

My Earth and Me is a blog, a community, an non judgmental ether where I pour out my heart about our world

I believe in a world where everything is equal – in color, in choices, in race, in the environment

I believe in a world where technology resonates with nature.

I believe in a world where we can have big dreams 

I believe in a universe that doesn’t have to end because of those dreams

I believe in a world where humanity precedes 

I believe in a world where no one will suffer.

And I believe It all starts with the choices we make,

and the actions we take


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The Dire Need for Awareness.

Do you know that the only thing that separates the rich from the poor is simple – KNOWLEDGE. 

Its abundance makes the rich richer and its lack makes the poor poorer. 

It makes the developed countries more developed and stagnates underdeveloped ones. 

It makes businesses and brands bigger everyday while the others lavish their budget on marketing.

I do have an idea how we can learn everyday. To be everything that grows, to be everything that enriches.

To be everything but pain, agony, and loss. And I hope you love what I share.

Study Nature, Love Nature.

People including children and elders achieve great sense of happiness and creativity when they connect with mother nature. This same positive effect is what inspires innovators and policy makers to adjust technologies to suit the environment better. 

When we are conversant with the dynamics of nature, our attitude and perspective will change for the better, knowing that what we have given out is what we are going to receive even in more folds. 

Join My Earth and Me on a discovery on how to serve the earth better.

Study Nature, Love Nature and definitely, Nature will love you back.

Technological Innovation.

One of the reasons why I picked interest in marketing as a direct response writer is because I know that if the right businesses are built, if the right businesses are promoted, then the world will be the right place to stay.

“With Great Responsibility Comes Great Power”

Mark Manson.

Where has your ambition led you? what if you were dreaming too small?

What if you have to do more?

What if you were one step away from living the life you wanted?

What if you just needed to do only ONE thing right?

What if it is not as difficult as you thought.

Don’t be stuck in “what if’s”

Join me because the only way to try is by trying.