Endangered Places to Visit in the World before they are gone Forever.

The most beautiful moments…. They don’t always last.
Like the sunrise and its soothing warmth. The Sunset and its slow departing touch, these locations in the World are at risk of fizzling out.

The only difference is, while the sun returns in the morning, these locations may never get their glory restored. This time too, not a natural departure, but one caused by humans.

The World will always continue to change, gearing towards positive and also negative change. We have experienced jaw-dropping technological advancement, and that will never cease to continue. But we cannot pay less attention to the innumerable factors of both natural and anthropogenic sources that endanger a lot of serene locations in our beloved environment.

the ruins of great tower of aleppo
A picture taken on July 22, 2017 in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, which was recaptured by government forces in December 2016, shows a general view of the destruction at the site of the ancient Great Umayyad Mosque in the old city. / AFP PHOTO / George OURFALIAN (Photo credit should read GEORGE OURFALIAN/AFP via Getty Images)

One of the man-made causes can be seen in the case of the beautifully crafted tower of the great mosque in Aleppo. It was torn down to shreds during the Syrian Civil War when the Minaret took an explosive from a combat fire.

forest fires of amazon

We cannot site an example without mentioning the Most recent occurrence of wildfire in the World’s largest forest, the Great Amazon, considered to be the lungs of the earth which burnt for almost a month, consuming over 906,000 hectares in area.

Not only are these places affected or deteriorated, but priceless biodiversity and climax habitats get destroyed in the process. And you may begin to ask now why there is a blogpost about most endangered locations. The truth is, everyone needs to have a contributing responsibility to help the fuelers of climate change wane in their actions.

Travelers are not left out in this number. We see the most influential travelers help sell products, getting millions of people to purchase a travel kit and product. This is the same way we need them to hit the issues of climate change with the same hammer – you know, influencers for nature. What other greater purpose could you ever work for?

As a traveler, you already know what experience it feels like to interact with a new location; the bond, intricacy and the aura, the colors of the wind, and the rhythms of the plunging waterfalls.

But, what about locations that call for help, a clarion call that needs to harkened to by every travel lover. To help restore and maintain them for the little generation of travelers, again – what other greater purpose than fighting to sustain for the future.

Ps: I did rewrite this a lot of times not to make anyone feel sad. But I guess, you cannot tell a sad story with the brightest words and happiest clauses. So, grab a towel thou lover of nature for thy precious tears – Ok, that was a joke, but still, get a towel.

The Drying Dead Sea

Man Floats on top of the deadsea

One of the endangered locations in the World is the Dead sea. If you agree with me, this is the only sea of its kind. The Dead Sea has high salinity and is a daughter to the Jordan River. It is located at the lowest point in the World, which is 1380 feet below sea level.

There are a lot of things to do and see at the dead sea—stunning sights of desserts and the Massada Sunrise. Travelers always love the adventure of floating on the red sea. They take pictures, posed, reading books while afloat. We all know they don’t really read anything. But it is beautiful anyways.

The Dead Sea, because of the increasing evaporation and truncation supply from the Jordan river, is shrinking at an alarming rate. It has gone down about 35 meters leaving islands or packs of salt on the sea. We will soon miss a river, that sparkles even without life. The only river that is kind enough to disobey the laws of floatation just to make us stay afloat. I don’t know how to think about a dying dead sea –

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef, which today covers an area roughly the size of Germany, has shifted over time to chase its preferred conditions. Credit: Marco Brivio/Getty
The Great Barrier Reef, which today covers an area roughly the size of Germany, has shifted over time to chase its preferred conditions. Credit: Marco Brivio/Getty

We are talking about the World’s largest coral reef. An entire ecosystem of its own having over 2,900 individual reefs that span across over 2,300 kilometers with abundant biodiversity and about 900 islands.

The Great Barrier reef is located in Australia and has experienced bleaching due to increased global warming. The Coral Reef, with its shimmering colors, can be seen from outer space with over 600 types of corals. It may take your eyes a lot of time to absorb so many colors. Be careful though, you may need a reorientation on color combinations for outings and fashion because these corals hold so many colors within and still manage to make a complementary combination.

Coral reefs are temperature sensitive, and bleach when the temperature is too high for the colorful algae. Other activities such as overfishing and navigation traffic add to the factors bleaching The Great Barrier Reef. I for one too won’t love to lose a sight that has been the inspiration for many abstract designs, color combinations, and a wondrous location for rare herbivorous sea mammals like the dugongs.

Apart from bleaching, corals are victims of cyanide fishing from locals. Fishes are perfectly protected by these corals which makes conventional fishing practices difficult. So, these fishermen resort to cyanide fishing, a ‘dark magic’ that gets them a thousand fishes from just a little spray. But you know how dark magic works, an eye for an eye, a life for a spell. The corals are damaged, organisms rendered homeless just for a few fishes. And I continue to wonder if we are immune to the cyanide too – but then, if someone can eat bats, how much less, fish laced with cyanide.

The City of Petra (The Rose City)

The rose city of petra

Also known as “the lost city” because it was uninhabited for over five centuries till a Swiss explorer rediscovered it. The city displays intricate beauty of buildings carved from rocks, one that makes you think about how our creativity has evolved from hard tasks of perfection.

The natural red color of rocks is the reason why it is called the rose city. Despite being located on an arid location, the indwellers are effective water collectors and still have gardens with beautiful flowers.

But then, we may be losing the lost city again. With the current rate of erosion and saltwater, we may be losing the beautiful petals of the rose city in Petra. To be left with thorns and ruins that cast a shadow of its former beauty. Ok, I need to stop being emotional, I promise the next post will be phlegmatic.

The Grand Canyon.

Having over a thousand caves and a sight that many photographers love to capture, the grand canyon is known for different weather conditions all in one location – it also features in a lot of wallpaper ideas. The varying heights and the far-stretching widths cause different atmospheric conditions, from the wettest, coldest, warmest, and the driest.

The activities in the great canyon are numerous; white water rafting, mountain climbing, hiking, lots of research works. And as sad as it may sound, a lot of mining too. Mining still remains a major deteriorating activity in the Grand Canyons.

The Maldives.

The maldives.

Most people lay on its white-sand beaches that face the smile of the sun for a perfectly tanned caramel skin. The Maldives has a peculiar feature for the shape of its sandbanks and the island, which constantly changes naturally. The currents, especially during the monsoons, can bless your eyes with beautiful sights each day.

But this island with sparkling evening waters is gradually sinking into the Indian ocean because of rising sea levels. The maldives is located in the lowest country, which is about 1.5meters above sea level, which makes it one of the most endangered places to sea-level rise.

Next to Vatican City is the beautiful Island of Nauru. This island has gone from being “the pleasant island” without armies to a location that manifests in corrupt practices and economic breakdown.

It faced corrupt practices and suffered phosphorus mining activities that left the country in shambles, a shadow of its former beauty. Nauru Island has always been a place where divers plunge the clear waters, and fishers flaunt their prowess with hooks. But climate change has disrupted the ecosystem making fishing almost impossible and diving less fun.

Patagonian Ice Fields, Chile

Patagonian Ice Fields are the largest Ice Fields in South America and the second largest in the World. They are known to be the windiest and wettest location on the earth. You know the sagacious videos of whales you see on Instagram? Most are filmed at Puerto Madryn, a potent and viable breeding zone for whales.

But we may be losing the peace of the white-colored ice, blotching with reflective beauty from the kiss of the sun. This massive ice field is melting at an alarming rate; it feels more like the earth’s smile, slowly washing down the lofty mountains to fill nearby rivers while displacing polar-dwelling animals.

The Great Wall of China

The great wall of China is over 2300 years old. But have you ever thought like I do – how many wars this great wall saw? How many feet threaded its steps, walking, running, singing, in great hopes, despair, anxiety, and fear? Do you ever wonder how many times the grains of rains from the sky beat its bricks? Or how long the howling wind has wailed into its cracks? I always wonder. How many memories does this wall hold? How long does the length of those memories run? But the most important question now is – How long, further, can these walls stand?

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