a dying planet

A Dying Planet.

by Rukevwe Anwinoje

Planet earth is our lifeline, it is the only planet with the perfect environment to ensure the survival and longevity of all lifeforms. Planet earth is more than just a spinning blue globe, think of it as one and only shot at life as we know it.

Without earth’s unique features, humanity would definitely not be in existence. Earth’s Air, water, soil, chemical elements, in fact, it’s very structure, shape, and position in the solar system was designed for the continued existence and survival of a myriad of life forms.

Of all the life forms living on planet earth, humanity has claimed the title of being the most intelligent and superior species. In our infinite wisdom and our insatiable desire to live life to its fullest capacity, humanity may be digging it’s own grave.

By placing lucrative endeavors above environmental needs, we hamper on the very processes that ensure sustenance.

In so doing we are not just tightening a noose around our necks we also want to ensure that this noose stays extended to future generations. Because for each and every invention and innovation made to improve our standard of living, planet earth has been made to suffer.

Man is like a poison been consumed in small but lethal doses to planet earth, slowly killing it from the Inside.

It’s not that mankind is wrong in wanting to live life to its fullest capacity, I myself would not want to live in the stone age. It is almost like a never-ending ‘Yin-Yan’ with the environment. From pollution, population explosion, industrialization, deforestation, burning of fossil fuels, Indiscriminate killing of animals, the downsides seem to overpower the feats we achieve in inventions.

The planet does not have to pay the price for our advancement, and good a thing, there are ways to ensure the earth’s environment is protected and preserved while we go about living our ‘best lives.’

Some of the problems faced by the earth includes:

Urban Housing Sprawl by Sarah Woomansee


The world population increased from 1 billion in 1800 to 7.7 billion today. Imagine the 7.7billion with a giant straw, taking large gulps from earth’s resources, unfortunately, we’re sipping from earth’s resources faster than it can refill itself, eventually the earth will run out of juice to give out to our straws.

With humans being the driving force behind earth’s environmental issues, it’s safe to say that with more homosapiens roaming the planet, the more severe environmental issues will become.

We can devise means for resources to be shared, sustainably, especially by creating alternatives to make sure that stress on one resource is reduced.


All components of the environment (soil, air, water) are far from pristine. Their only crime is ensuring the continuous survival of our species.

In return, for such hospitality, that accommodates our bizarre adventures, we have decided to discard any material we find harmful or of no use to us in any manner that suits our conscience, with complete disregard to our environment.

By so doing we not only desecrate the environment, we cause harm to other species.

Well, thank goodness for recycling, we no longer have to dump our regrets back to the earth.  


This process has been of great help to mankind, putting smiles on people’s faces by creating jobs, manufacturing things that make life easier, but like all good things this process’ disadvantage is how much pollution it deposits to the environment.

Industrialization is also a major shareholder in the business of emitting greenhouse gases which cause global warming. For what it’s worth, the only constant things over the ages has been growth.

We can grow in sustainable inventions; we can grow in alternative practices that reduce emissions. We can grow in our choice of raw materials and industrial processes. We can grow for a greener future.


Like self-acclaimed landlords we go to a certain area of forestry, evacuate the tenants (the trees) from their homes, and proceed to use the vacated area for anything our little black heart’s desire, ( for farms, homes, schools etc.).

These trees are the literal sinks for greenhouse gases causing global warming and are the mediators for generating newer essential elements. Their removal without any replacement escalates the detrimental effect of global warming.


Fossil fuels are the enablers of a vast array of industries, they are the godfathers behind energy production. However, this also makes them convicted criminals, guilty of crimes known as pollution and emission of greenhouse gases.

There are several alternative sources of green energy. The more we can adopt them, the more we can align our needs with the same energy source as the earth, who knows, maybe it’ll be future of harmony, free from smog, heat waves and lung diseases.  


We’ve made ourselves magicians, our favourite tricK – causing an entire species of animals to disappear.

And we have tons of reasons to execute these animals, for food, medicine in some cases, sports, some we wear as clothes, or display as shoes. 

These animals are more than just meat, they are more than a game to determine how brave a man is.

These animals occupy a particular niche that they alone are perfectly suited for. When a lot of species start vanishing and are unable to carry out their duties, we all humans may not be around to know what happens next.

The earth is a self-sustaining system (ecosystem). Our best bet is to choose activities that will not break the processes or diminish her layers, to chose activities that fit into its cycle of continuity – the cycle of life, for our future generations.

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Beautifully written and very informative
It’s the little efforts made individually that brings about change.
I hope we are adopt right attitudes towards our environment and the Earth


Thank you for the compliment dear


Thanks for this write up rukky It’s an interesting and educating write up


Thank you Joy.

Eugene Adavore

Well this is very nice.


An interesting write up, educational, good job Rukky.


Let’s save our home!! Nicely written rukky

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