About Me

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Hi, I Am Christian Onwuegbuchulam

I am a forever student of the Environment whose determination and passion for the dynamics, versatility and the thriving resilience of the environment has led me to study Environmental Management and Toxicology. With hope to muster more insight and experience that will fuel my Jubilant desire for action for the environment. 

I am also experienced in the high powered world of content writing and content creation. Have written web contents for small and large businesses.  But this time, I know I will be of better service writing for the environment.

I believe in a better world, and that such a believe can be possible if we offer all that we have got into a seamless continuum of efforts to do good and solve problems. I also know that doing good starts from our personal lives and grown outwardly for others to see. 

This why I have started myearthandme to increase the participation for global Climate action through awareness and exposure to sustainable innovation that will help change our lifestyle into a more sustainable and environmentally conscious one. 

We can all achieve a win-win situation through the building block of these vital sectors and also yield eco-friendly results for our mother earth who is at the brink of breaking her
resilient chords

— A better you for a better world.

In personal health

In daily living

In our Interactions

My Environment.

Different people, different faces, different regions, different conditions, different policies and different resources. Our lifestyle and action toward the physical environment and other aspects of the environment is determined by a whole lot of factors.

I reside in an under developing country that characteristically is more or less a dumping ground for old technologies. I mean, as of the first quarter of 2019, 2nd and 3rd generation Intel laptops were still rampant in every nook and cranny of resale shops and people happily acquired these bulky devices because of how cheaply they can access them despite their carbon footprint in the environment.

A country which to an extent is “information and resource barren” with most people living in ivory towers in environmentally related issues. When it comes to environmental trends, innovative trends and technological trends that target sustainable environment, Architecture, Amenities and Utilities, we were lacking, and as well lacked more in areas affecting Management and sustainability.

This misfortune resides over several people in developing countries because people seldom talk about the environment which is the root of our beginnings, the core of all processes and probably if things are not taken care of, the beginning of our end. I mean, the physical and social environment which controls most of the other subdivisions of “an environment”. My Earth and Me was an idea kindled by these challenges during my sophomore-level in school basically to tackle these problems by;

  • Increasing awareness about the environment
  • Help individuals through proven self-developmental principles to be better persons for a better world
  • Mitigative measures and sustainable innovative trends
  • Providing an outlet for more people to join the on going climate action