the Environment

The Environment.

Have you ever sat down to really think about what the word environment means? sometimes a quick answer to this is “the total surrounding”. Yes! the environment is the total surrounding but are these connotations of our surroundings limited to what we can only see? Nahh, not at all. We may have narrowed our scope and have paid deaf ears to what maybe affecting us in many ways. We shall be establishing some “all round facts” about the environment on this article and I hope you read through to be enlightened. And don’t forget, the goal is to be a better you for a better world.

What is the Environment?

When we want to consider the environment, it refers to the totality of things around us, the things we can see, the ones that we cant see but feel, the animals, plants, the air, the water, the pressure both atmospheric and societal or domestic pressure (from peers and family), the temperature differences and the processes that take part even without our consent. The environment also includes all forces and the interaction of all these processes which directly and indirectly affects us.

The fact that a whole lot is going on in our environment even beyond our imagination and that we are intricately linked in a web of constant relationships with these existences and processes is the more reason we should learn about . Man has made use of the little knowledge gained from the environment through research and instinctive experience to achieve tremendous development even in social areas like such as psychology. And yet, we continue in discover, more ways to better our lives and enhance these processes. The knowledge to be gained from these dynamic processes is unlimited, and the more we understand better, the more our living will be enhanced for an extraordinary relationship with our environment.

In this blog post, we shall be looking at the connotation of the physical environment and how it affects us. The natural environment which includes; the seas, the forests, the air, the weather, family as an environment; the friends we keep for sure forms an environment because somehow they influence us and our decisions positively or negatively, the Job we choose and the kind of books we read, movies we watch all form a greater aspect of our social environment.

The Natural Environment.

Just as mentioned earlier, when we talk about the environment, what really comes to mind is the natural environment. The Earth is the only planet where humans can survive and be able to carry out supposed activities. But then, we also have people with undying dreams, the likes of Elon Musks who has a goal to make other planets inhabitable by man, but one thing is sure and unchanging about the earth and its resources in that,

  • No matter the level of development or knowledge gained from the environment, we will always rely on it for basic resources of; food, water, air, oxygen. If we are moving to space in the nearest future, the resources are going to be from earth.
  • If we do not manage the level of extraction and usage of these resources especially above their threshold levels of renewal, we would be running a loss and scarcity of these resources. You already know what scarcity of resources can cause for a civilization. If you don’t know? Those resources become available at exorbitant prices that only the wealthy can afford, soon enough crisis arise, and then total disorder.
  • The earth is structured and designed in such a way that all processes simultaneously work in favor of each other gearing toward its preservation and continuity even though man being the highest social animal has introduced several activities that disrupt this flow of energy, nutrients and processes. What are these structures and processes and what are the important things we should know about our natural environment?

The Spheres

The entirety of all the structures in the earth manifests in the different spheres which have their specific process and characteristics.

. The Different Spheres of the environment includes;

The Biosphere.

The Biosphere which harbors all life forms and supports their activities. The biosphere is complex and holds a lot of life forms from minute micro-organisms that exists even in the extremes of the environment, the animals that can be found on land and extends to the awe-inspiring life forms in the oceans as well as the large mammals in Oceanic bodies.

The Hydrosphere.

The Hydrosphere which makes up for more than 72% of the earth’s surface, this is the water content of the earth formed from the forever happily ever after marriage of hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrosphere also exists in different states of matter determined by the different needs of such environment. Predominantly the hydrosphere is divided into fresh water found in ground water aquifers, lakes, rivers and abundantly locked up in polar ice caps.

The Atmosphere.

The atmosphere is the sphere of gases that surround the earth. The atmosphere supports life for survival and is important for nutrient cycling protection from the harmful rays of outer space. And finally, there is;

The Lithosphere.

The lithosphere which is the hardest part of the earth. It is the foundation for the root of trees. It houses and manages the various processes that contribute to formation of minerals. It is on the lithosphere that we build those skyscrapers that reach amazing heights.

Having a preliminary knowledge about the physical environment helps us to understand how other aspects of our lives function. Because no matter how you consider it, everything that happens to us manifests or take place in an environment. Our family is an environment, the classroom is an environment and how we relate to each of these various kinds of environment affects us on a general level.

This is just the physical environment, there are other philosophical environments such as those mentioned above. And we hope you stay tuned to know more about the values and principles needed for better relationship with the environment.

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